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My name is Ryan, my wife's name is Anya, and we own TRM Photo Studio.

Sometimes in our busy lives, life simply passes us by. Within every fleeting moment are memories that last forever, and these are what we strive to capture.

Whether it is the first kiss, a mother's tears, or a father's joy, your memories are special to us.

At TRM Photo Studio we believe that God has blessed us with the talent of making your fleeting moments become memories forever.

- Ryan & Anya McGill

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Robyn N., Birmingham

Wedding Date: December 12, 2009

Ryan and Anya McGill spent over nine months consulting with me and making sure that I got exactly what I wanted for my wedding pictures. When the big day came, I knew that I could trust their expertise. They arrived on time (before I did, actually), helped to lighten the mood before the ceremony, and were unobtrusive during the ceremony. I have already recommended them to a few people for non-wedding photography.

Review Date: 1/19/2010


Wedding Date: 06-24-95

Ryan, is a Great photographer he has done weddings at our venue. Ryan has a unique eye for getting the shots that will amaze you. That's why my wife Lisa & I recommend him to every bride that visits HUCKLEBERRY FARM.

Review Date: 1/15/2010

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